AMAS CNC-Zerspanungs GmbH

Founded in 2001, AMAS CNC-Zerspanungs GmbH is situated in Burg at the commercial area Burg-Ost.

Using the skills of our experienced staff and our state of the art machine outfit, we have successfully established our company as a supplier in different fields of mechanical engineering.

Basically we offer the following: 

Machining – milling
- CNC milling with working range
- max. 6000 x 1000 x 1500mm
- max. weight per piece: 20t

CNC tuning / milling
- Turning on CNC machinery, carousel lathes
- Working range: diameter max. 1000mm, length max. 1250mm

Classical turning
- spindle turning machines
- working range diameter max. 840mm, length 3000mm 

AMAS GmbH - Antriebstechnik, Maschinenbau und Anlagenservice 

The company AMAS GmbH - Antriebstechnik, Maschinenbau und Anlagenservice is consolidated under one roof with the AMAS CNC-Zerspanungs GmbH.

 AMAS GmbH is specialised in the field of drive technology, manufacturing, maintenance and engineering.

We offer:

Engineering of gears and other drive components, calculation, construction, optimization

Maintenance service


Consulting, optional at our customers site or in our office

Manufacturing, maintenance, overhauling of gears, couplings, thoothings





Manufacturing gears

gear box just opened after being delivered for servicing

gear box after maintenance or overhauling

Demounting, erection, industrial commissioning of gears on site

Repair works, maintenance works in our workshop

Subcontracting work, manufacturing of single parts, small and medium batch parts according to the abilities of our workshop equipment








manufacturing and maintenance of gears: