SMS Demag AG
Pinion gear unit
Parts for coiler drives
Assembly groups for driver units
Assembly groups for straightening machines
Parts for bending roll drives
Assembly groups for shears, stretch levelling machines, mould aligning stand

SKET Verseilmaschinenbau

Different parts and assembly group

Different mechanical machine parts

EKO Stahl, ESF Stalwerke Riesa
Main lift drive for different cranes

Walzwerk Burg
Bending roll drive

Lift drives and traction drives for cranes

Vattenfall Europe Mining
Regular manufacturing of different mechanical parts, fixed by frame contract

ITWH Krefeld
Mechanical equipment for ladle tilting machine
Gear for adjusting equipment for hot rolled wide strip mill

Different customers, permanent works
ca. 60 custom-made toohted coulings per year
ca. 20 maintenance / repair of large gears per year